Thursday, August 10, 2006

good grief!

new ratatat's got monsters on it. two years after yanking me out of new music apathy, evan mast and mike stroud break my legs anew. damn! i was unsure which tracks to post, i hope this helps.

ratatat - tacobel canon

so many treasures in this. when they play this as sunday session of conference lets out, i'll be pew-sitting, arms folded, reverently grinning.

next, a e*vax (evan mast's solo) remix of an album track. the original can be streamed over to their my's pace page, though the remix tames that album cat. look out!

ratatat - wildcat (e*vax remix)


jaradaktel said...

Your blatant yet sincere depictions speak of highly delectable aural anecdotes.

To new(ish) blogs and new(ish) Ratatat posts.

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k8 said...

hooray for actual wild cats in songs.