Monday, August 21, 2006

The Clientele - Five Day Morning

I had a busy weekend and a tough time trying to decide between posting this, my favorite Clientele song, in hopes of reliving their classy show at the Casbah (where planes fly about 10 feet over your head) or this Tahiti 80 song as a dedication to Kristin's devotion to the sea and the bravery she showed while being wiped across it's craggy floors like a little flesh mop. I didn't have any pictures of Kristin's ass bruise though, so Clientele wins out. I'm not sure why I love this song like I do, but it's quiet and soothing and driving by the seashore at 2 am, listening to this, sure is a fun thing.

1 comment:

k tron said...

its more like an ass scab these days