Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say what you will about Wes Anderson...

He has a knack for soundtracking. This is a song from the short Hotel Chevalier. I love this video for two reasons. 1- The cut-away silhouettes of subathers. 2- The hip kids expressions (specifically the dark haired one in the back who's all whoa).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a fistful of dollars (theme) - ennio morricone

last week, a fellow i know reminded me of the importance of selling the third act. this theme sells it as much as anything i could think. while on the topic of westerns, i reckon we ought to set here a while.

see also for reference.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I rediscovered these songs on a lucky shuffle the other day. They sort of bolstered my desire to learn appreciation for westerns as a genre. They sound sinister and I'm alright with that.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Ramblin' Man

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Deus Ex Libi

Sunday, September 16, 2007

battles - ddiamondd

blogmate hoon (whose internets are down and cannot post) and me are going down to lv next month to see daft punk, but battles will also be there and i'm nearly as excited about that. i've heard good things about their drumming live and i think you will all agree that watching a good drummer is the best thing about things (besides daft punk).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

gimme gimme - the dirty projectors

went to see YACHT at the place tonight and got m'bones busted by this quart. i read some more about it since i'm home and their new ablum was based on black flag's damaged which i find fine.

then a girl i know said geez louise, which is my favorite

and i bought a bow (archery)