Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oh fates. this is what i was thinking of yesterday and this song. i sent it to myself inside a registered envelope so don't even try it, you.

so what i was thinking is: you look at your hand and you zoom in closer and you see the ridges and little scars and blotchy melatonin and you zoom in even more and the cells separate and squirm and you zoom zoom and the molecules are clinging to each other like grapey bunches, but you don't stop there, oh no, you keep on zooming and the atoms are orbiting and you can see the little positrons and negatrons caroming around all nuts, and you can stop there. for now. because you're looking around at all the glinting particles and you think, okay, those are something, but there sure is a lot of nothing around here. and you could zoom in some more i guess and see even smaller somethings making nothing out of what you just said was something. so that's it. you were just looking at your hand, you know? or a tree, or a table or a spaceship or whichever. seems like once you start falling, you keep falling.

and i thought about the other day when i was saying that i didn't like that guy and here's why. not just that though, also all those other times i'm saying should a lot. but why and should are like that table. if you keep zooming and zooming, eventually it seems like there's a whole lot more nothing around than something and you've got a sinking feeling that if you keep yanking that thread, those somethings would start to look real nothingy.

but you know, i still set my drink on that table, no matter how much nothing it is.

the velvet underground - oh! sweet nuthin'

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