Saturday, March 21, 2009

you had a cd player in your car and you would get a new cd and put it in there and because you were too lazy to drag out your cd case and have to pick a new cd and change it, it just got left in there for a month, and consequently that music became the soundtrack to that month and when you listen to it now, marked sense memories rush up on you and you're over-run with all the thoughts and emotions and successes and failures that occured to you during that 4 brief weeks 5 years ago.

this may be one of the last albums that was that in my poor accord way back when. fiberglass resin fumes and foam dust, sneak-parking at the wilk, that girl who turned out not worth the effort, no matter how much she looked like kristen dunst, wind and leaves and dun puddles.

it's a shame about computers sometimes.

the way - bonnie 'prince' billy

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