Wednesday, July 02, 2008

i'm always skeptical of hero worship. i think people use it as a crutch to get out of building their own identities. i am a fan of this musician or writer or film director, so you may take the attributes that i admire of them and please apply them to me. thank you.

that said, i'm a pretty silly fan of andrew w.k.

guy is a unabashed force of positivity and that's something i value and aspire to emulate (i'm rubbish at it). i lost track after i get wet and the wolf went by unnoticed by me. i picked up the thread again during his rash of motivational speaking dates and found his philosophical ramblings sound a lot like my philosophical ramblings, reading the same bullsh, buber, maslow, rogers, etc. since then i've padded the back-catalogue and am following close. i'm on the ship, wherever she sails.

i'll be doing a string of songs from him coming up, but i chose this one today to puzzle in with hoon's love theme and because it could be about a girl who lives in my building.

let's go on a date - andrew w.k.

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eped said...

I had never heard of him so thanks for this. a lot of "fun" in quotations and just FUN (out of stupid quotations). also sort of reminds me Queen, in a very good way.