Thursday, May 01, 2008

at some point, you get sick of being sad and you lay back and think you're gonna just sift through the cracks between all those atoms and disappear. but you don't. you're just laying there and your body starts getting bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger and you break though the roof and sprinkle down plaster on the hobos that walk in front of your house and you get bigger and bigger and break all the trees over everywhere, and then you get bigger and bigger and bigger and you bump the moon out of the way (it goes spinning somewhere), and then bigger, and bigger, and bigger and the meteorites are shooting through your body like tiny BBs and you get bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, brushing back all the galaxies and galaxies and galaxies forever until your body is all big and donuty like the universe is supposed to be and the suns and planets and things are glinting off you like that face glitter you can get.

titus andronicus - titus andronicus

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