Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Terrence and I had a discussion on the way home from watching the rat movie the other night about taste and how it might manifest itself through different generations. I posited that a good DJ in the late 70's was probably at the taste-maker level that a well respected blogger would be at these days. All the while I thought about my own pop and his days as "Rockin' Ron Erickson", a shaggy-headed, flannel-shirted, late 70's DJ in Seattle. He recently found some audio from his days in DJ booth and after 26 years of hearing all the stories, I actually got to hear Rockin' Ron himself. And now, so do you.

So, we have a sort of unwitting guest blogger on this little site dad.

Rockin' Ron Erickson doesn't want to be lonely, and dedicates to us, Elton John's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

Ps...That song really was his choice for the blog and I'd personally like to give him a thumb's up for chosing the most triumphant sounding song ever.

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Sarra Eaton said...

Oh my goodness! How splendid. I thought I had a crush before and now this. What else does Ron have up his sleeve?