Wednesday, May 02, 2007

many of you are aware that i hate space. maybe it has to do with the everyday reality of the incomprehensible, or perhaps to do with my own expanding feelings of insignificance. for whatever reason, if i never had to think about outer space again, i'd name myself content.

i'm in love, however, with those early days of space exploration, when our ambitions reached hardly further than our own earth's orbit. i seeped more than one tear of joy last sundance in the shadow of the moon, and wished i'd been born sooner, when immediate space was ours and we spun rockets off this planet with glee-shouts and beaming optimism.

this track then is that: those innocent days, when the final frontier seemed not so very far away and we were the kings of our small universe.

the tornados - telstar

some late summer night, when the highway's unfolding empty up ahead, turn this up, up and let the earth fall away beneath you.

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pplist said...

i'm sure you know this, but this song is the basis for the lead break in boston's "more than a feeling." ties in with the guitar/spaceship theme on the cover, too.