Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm a girl, and thus, am hardly impervious to cute girl voices. Feist, Mirah, whatever you got, I'll listen to it. I'll probably sing along to it, alone, in my car, and dream of being up there on stage with that lilting alto easing out of me. That wishing-i-were-something-i'm-not paired with my recently discovered penchant for playing the air piano have earned this song innumerable plays.

Casey Dienel - Doctor Monroe


liuhongyao0527 said...

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nathaniel said...

hoon! i also like congratulate you on very nice blog! this weekend i will be here in salt lake to hang out with you visit other friends as well and i very much looking forward to it!

snapdragon said...

Good job Hoon! This song is really awesome and I hadn't heard it or of this girl before. Yay for new music!