Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arizona - Splintering

I first heard Arizona while wasting time on The Hype Machine a few weeks ago. Being from the great state, I was naturally curious. The first half of the song sounds nothing like my childhood, and you know, neither does the second half actually. Maybe it would've if I'd listened to something other than the "NOW Thats What I Call Music" compilations as a youth, but that didn't happen. This band is probably better than anything the state has actually produced. Save, of course, the above picture. That's hilarious. Everything else on their web comes highly recommended as well.


Gentle said...

This is a song that I didn't like at first but by the end I was like "OMG! IT'S THE NEW JAM!!!"

Hoon said...

jed just said "OMG".

Ben Wigler said...

thanks for the kind words, now I am hungry for a gigantic hamburger... and yes, that photo is as priceless as princess peach. I agree the first part of the song is a little boring sounding upon first hearing it, but sometimes a song writes itself and just happens to have some boring shit to say before making a crazy point. Splintering got its words right I think. We've got a new EP about to hit fairly soon, hope you take a listen. -Arizona